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UVLI-Bag Mr. Sunny

Medipak's Premium UVLI-Bags Safely Protect Light Sensitive Drugs From the Negative Effects of Ultra Violet Light.

Medipak manufactures a number of UVLI-bag colors including green, amber, dark brown and black. Choose a color that's right for you!


Welcome to Medipak

Medipak has been the pioneer in Ultraviolet Light (UV) protective bag for light sensitive drugs for over 30 years!

Medipak developed the first Ultra-Violet Light Inhibiting (UVLI) bag. Today Medipak remains the leader in this field. Medipak offers more choices in UV bags than any company: four colors, regular, slit-top or zip seal, and 13 different sizes. We also ship amber and green UVLI-bagsTM within 24 hours.

Why Choose Medipak


Lighter color UV-BAGS make it easier to read labels and check medication levels through the bag


Our exclusive Slit-Top UV-BAGS eliminates the need to poke holes when handing the IV



Color code different types of drugs with green and amber bags


Exceeds USP standars for light transmission

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