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UVLI-Bags™ Innovation

In 1966 Medipak developed the first UVLI-bag™ to protect light sensitive drugs. To date, no competitor has met our standards.

In 1985, Medipak developed ultimate convenience with the slit-top UVLI-bag™. It has a 2.5” gap that eliminates cutting or poking a hole in the bag. No one else has this UV protection for medications.

In 1990, Medipak developed the first green UVLI-bag™, a more pleasing color for UV-protection. No one else has this.

Today Medipak remains the leader in this field. Medipak offers UVLI-bags™ in more ways than anyone else: four colors, regular seal or slit-top seal, and 13 different sizes.

Medipak Corporate

Medipak was founded by Shirley White, a pharmacist, in 1965. He was its President until 1979.

In 1979 his son, Tony White, took over as president and ran Medipak until 2009.

In 2009 Erick Byrne, a long-time manager took over as President.