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Are foil or paper bags useful for protection?


In nearly all cases, neither is truly acceptable. The Slit-top UVLI-bag™ has a ready-made hole in the top for the I.V. hanger so there is no danger of tearing.  It is designed to be transparent enough to allow monitoring of the I.V. fluid level without removing the protective UVLI-bag™. Infusion magazine specifically recommends the use of commercial amber bags designed for use with I.V. solutions.

Paper bags are not really satisfactory because a hole must be made in the top, which may tear, allowing in too much light.  There is also a problem of determining I.V. fluid levels because the bag is not transparent, which requires duplicate labeling inside and outside the bag.

I.V. Drug Topics state, “The use of foil is cumbersome (and is not transparent) and extreme care must be taken to insure complete occlusion of light.  If a light hole exists in foil, there may actually be an accentuation of light intensity through the solution and result in greater decomposition.” (Copy available on request.)

Note: One notable exception is Nitroprusside and Amphotercin, which comes with a foil bag for protection of the drug. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.