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Medipak manufactures both the film and the bags we sell, which gives us total control over the quality of our UVLI-Bags™

We have established lot number control on the raw materials we receive (plastics, colorants, and additives), on the rolls of film we make, and on the boxes of bags we make. We also record which lots are shipped on each customer order.Our quality isn't only represented in our UVLI-Bags but our custom packaging makes stacking and retrieving a snap.

We have established procedures that cover:

  • Testing each new lot of raw materials received.
  • Manufacturing and testing the film for thickness, width, and most importantly, UV transmittance, insures that our film and bags exceeds United States Pharmacopeia (USP) specifications, which require that the maximum transmission of light at any wavelength between 290nm to 450nm (U.V. range) is no greater than 10 percent. (Ref. the 28th Revision, January 1, 2005, Page 2397)
  • Manufacturing and testing the bags for length, seal strength, box count, ease of opening, and seal burn-through.

Top Reasons to Choose Medipak UVLI-Bags™

  • Light protection is extremely important in health care, and UVLI-bags™ are designed to provide protection against the deteriorating effects of ultraviolet light, as defined by the United States Pharmacopeia. (Ref. the 28th Revision, January 1, 2005, Page 2397)
  • UVLI-bags™ are routinely tested for effectiveness as part of the Medipak Quality Assurance and Control Program.
  • UVLI-bags™ are cost effective. No more than pennies need be spent to protect I.V.’s that often cost $50 and up to administer.

Medipak UVLI-Bag Protection Graph