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Medipak UVLI-Bags™

Our UVLI-bags™ provide great value – high quality at a reasonable price. Medipak customers include small and large hospitals, as well as Home Health Pharmacies throughout the United States, Canada and Italy. Medipak’s UVLI-bags™ have been used for UV protection and blinding in clinical drug trials by numerous major Pharmaceutical Companies and by numerous major Contract Research Organizations.

Top Reasons to Choose Medipak UVLI-Bags™

  • Light protection is extremely important in health care, and UVLI-bags™ are designed to provide protection against the deteriorating effects of ultraviolet light, as defined by the United States Pharmacopeia. (Ref. the 28th Revision, January 1, 2005, Page 2397)
  • UVLI-bags™ are routinely tested for effectiveness as part of the Medipak Quality Assurance and Control Program.
  • UVLI-bags™ are cost effective. No more than pennies need be spent to protect I.V.’s that often cost $50 and up to administer.