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Where we are and where we have been

December 28, 2021
  • Reformatting Production and Warehousing
  • Corporate Rebrand
  • Fully-integrated Operating Software
  • SKU Update
  • Packaging Updates
  • UVLI™ Amber Colorant Obsolete
  • Pricing Adjustments

Anyone working, well, anywhere in 2021 has seen the extensive reach of the loss of productivity brought on by our fight with the Coronavirus. Working through various challenges from ingredients that no longer exist, to vastly increased lead times, to simply available but at an exponentially higher cost, we saw it all this year. Through all of that we made some amazing headway.

Reformatting Production and Warehousing

Our production area saw a complete overhaul in 2021 as we made room for two new lines. One line was brought into production in Q4 with the next coming online late Q1 of 2022.

In our warehousing area, the need to store more raw material, more film for converting, and operating supplies required that we take a fresh look at our available space. With a reformat of existing hardware along with an investment in new hardware, we were able to increase our storage capacity by over 55%.

Corporate Rebrand

Throughout 2021 customers started to see the new Medipak brand roll out. Retiring “Sunny” who worked so incredibly hard for Medipak since his inception in 1993, Medipak has made room for a group of friendly dragonflies who enjoy some quality shade from the harmful UV rays on a beautiful sunny day. Our new brands color palette gives a healthy nod to the medical industry, vitality, and life.

Fully-integrated Operating Software

After nearly eight long months of development, Medipak now operates on a full-integrated stack of software that handles ordering, order tracking, manufacturing, shipping, and accounting. Not only has the software brought internal efficiency but mainly, it creates a more user-friendly customer experience with convenient online ordering, stock level checks, current pricing, and electronic invoice and payment options.

Product SKU’s Updates

As we moved through our new software stack, it became apparent that the letters used in our SKU’s were more of a hindrance than an advantage. With efficiency and accuracy at the forefront of thought, we took the step to move into a standardized 4-digit SKU pattern. 865-BXL-D is phonetically difficult to say and understand when taking worldwide orders with language and infrastructure barriers, moving to 0865 was the solution. In addition to a larger identifiable mark on the packaging, we’ve added a scannable barcode to support your stock-keeping efforts. 0865 item number scans as 0865MDPK. Updated SKU’s will begin adoption internally on January 1, 2022.

Packaging Updates

In Q4, we began taking a look at our packaging. The custom design and developed popout distribution box have been a staple for many years. As pharmacies, hospitals, and research facilities continue to evolve in their operations, it’s our intent to do the same. Temporary packaging and labels began leaving Medipak in late November with a QR code linking to a Medipak customer survey. We welcome our customer’s feedback to guide us through our package redesign. We know it will certainly look different, it will likely be made of sustainable and recycled goods and converted with environmentally friendly glues and inks.

UV Amber Colorant Obsolete

In May of 2021, we were notified by our supplier of over 30 years that our Amber UV colorant was no longer going to be available. There were ingredients in the colorant that are simply not in the supply chain. To date, we’ve worked with no less than five additional color companies to attempt to replicate our color and clarity. We continue to work diligently to find a viable solution. In Q4 2021, our UVLI™ Amber products began shipping with our reformulated color. While it does have a darker appearance, our cover’s main focus is to protect the medication from ultraviolet light, and we are absolutely getting that accomplished. We’ll continue to turn every rock to find a suitable replacement. In the meantime, if you have any issues with our new UVLI™ Amber, please consider grabbing a sample of the product’s UVLI™ Green counterpart. We’re more than happy to send out samples and do apologize for any inconvenience.

Pricing Adjustments

Through 2021, like in every industry, Medipak saw increases of over 38% in our raw polymer costs along with double digit increases in cardboard, operating materials, and labor. While inflation continues to hit every facet of our daily lives, it has become necessary to modify our pricing after over six years with no adjustments.

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Where we are and where we have been

Reformatting Production and Warehousing Corporate Rebrand Fully-integrated Operating Software SKU Update Packaging Updates UVLI™ Amber Colorant Obsolete Pricing Adjustments Anyone working, well, anywhere in 2021 has seen the extensive reach

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