Genuine UVLI® Covers and Bags for UV Light-Sensitive Drug Protection

The world's most known pharmaceutical and research organizations trust Medipak to blind and protect their trials.

Blind and Protect IV Medications

Medipak offers the widest variety of UV protective and blocking bags available. All UVLI® Covers and Bags exceed United States Pharmacopeia standards. Our blinding bags are available in black and dark brown, and our UV protective bags are available in amber and green. Amber and green bags have the added benefit of slight transparency (about 10%), allowing labels and levels to be read without lifting the cover, while still masking color variations in IV fluid.

Additionally, Regular UVLI® Covers have a seal completely across one end while the slit-top UVLI® Covers have a 2.5-inch gap in the middle of the seal. This gap makes it easier to put UVLI® Covers on an IV hook, without the need to manually poke or cut a hole.

Covering IV Lines

Some pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations cover the IV lines during clinical investigations to blind and protect the medication.

  • Rolls of 2.5-inch wide tubing are available in 2,500 feet, 1,000 feet, and 300 feet, allowing administrators to cut to the desired length for covering IV lines.
  • Packaged pre-cut tubing includes 10 strips in 6-foot lengths.

Meeting Your Deadlines

We will work to deliver what you need, when you need it, where you need it. You can find our full line of UVLI® Covers and Bags on our standard product list but we can also accommodate special orders if you don’t see what you’re looking for. Large quantities and special orders may incur a longer fulfillment time.

Contact us before your next trial for more information, samples, or custom needs.

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