Genuine UVLI® Covers and Bags for UV Light-Sensitive Drug Protection

Shipping and Return Policies

Domestic Shipping (USA)

Free on Board (FOB) shipping point. Shipping costs are prepaid and added to the invoice. Shipped the best way (most are sent UPS). We ship 99% of all standard stock products within 24 hours. In-stock orders placed by 10am EST are shipped the same day. Stock levels of products are indicated on our website store at the product level but may not indicate adjusted levels from open sales orders.

Dark brown and black UV bags may be special order items.  Large quantities of amber and green bags for clinical drug trials are also considered special order items. Contact us for estimated lead times on these items.

International Shipping

International shipping via Medipak is fullfilled by UPS International only. Selecting one of our  International Distributors may be an easier alternative. If you require the use of your own carrier, shipping labels must be provided. We will provide packing dimensions, weights and customs paperwork. Here is some useful information you may need to complete your shipping documents.

Tariff Classifications (HS) – Version 2023 HTSA Revision 1

Covers & Bags: 3923.21.0095
Zip Bags: 3923.21.0030

Shipping Location and Product Origin

270 Tyson Drive, Ste 2
Winchester, VA 22603
+1 (540) 667-0233


Any tax or duty passed to Medipak as a result of a shipment will be billed back to the customer and are due on receipt.

EEI Designation

Work with your shipping agent to establish the proper EEI codes for your country.


Standard stock orders are available to return at the purchasers shipping expense if the order was placed in error. These orders are subject to a 10% restocking fee.

Errors in order made by Medipak are refunded 100% on receipt and we will issue a pickup at our expense via UPS.

Any custom ordered product not listed on our standard price list, is non-returnable.

Return Address

270 Tyson Drive, Ste 2
Winchester, VA 22603
+1 (540) 667-0233

Damaged goods

We assume responsibility for the safe delivery of shipment in good order to the carrier. Shipments arriving in damaged condition should be noted in the receipt as “Received in Bad Order.” If damage is revealed when goods are unpacked, contact the carrier to file a “Concealed Damage” report within 48 hours after delivery, or you will lose all right to recovery from the carrier.

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