Genuine UVLI® Covers and Bags for UV Light-Sensitive Drug Protection

Use Genuine UVLI® Covers and Bags for the ultimate in quality, convenience, and savings.

Protect medication from the harmful degrading effects of UV light

Exposure to light is a concern with thousands of medications due to the potential for photodegradation storage and administration. This could result in loss of potency, reduced efficacy, and adverse effects. The sensitivity of a drug to ultraviolet light may vary with its chemical structure and photoreactivity.

Using Genuine UVLI® Covers and Bags is a cost-effective solution to protect liquid drugs administered intravenously, or solid drug transit from the harmful effects of  UV light.

From raw pelletized plastic to Genuine UVLI® Covers and Bags, our focus is quality

  • Medipak tracks batches through manufacturing from raw product to final lots and can provide Certificates of Conformity upon request.
  • We produce, test, and develop our UVLI products, and have since 1965.
  • Sturdy and convenient packaging for easy access and reordering.
  • American manufacturing and raw materials shorten the supply chain ensuring product availability, consistency, and quality.

We offer more sizes, colors, and styles for ultimate convenience

  • Available in 13 different sizes.
  • Choose from two colors for UV protection: UVLI® Amber or UVLI® Green; two colors for blinding: Brown or Black; and Clear Polybags.
  • Covers are available in Regular (complete top seal), or Slit-top (unsealed middle), which we developed in 1985 for easier usage.
  • UV Amber and UV Green films allow for the administrator to read through the bag, eliminating the need to lift the cover to check levels and labels, thus ensuring the contents stay protected.

UVLI® Covers and Bags are a cost-effective solution that’s easy on strained healthcare budgets

  • Over 60 years of honing the manufacturing process has allowed us to streamline and cut operating overhead, saving your organization money.
  • Planned price adjustments minimize the amount of time maintaining your purchasing system.
  • Low product cost allows for a greater profit generator.

UVLI® Technical Data

United States Pharmacopeia states that no more than 10% of UV light transmission from 290nm to 450nm is acceptable. Brown and black bags block 98% or more of transmission in that range while UV Amber and UV Green exceed the minimum by allowing the transmission of less than 8% while remaining semi-transparent for ease of use. 

Single-layer film thickness: ~1.6 Mil
Flat cover film thickness: ~3.2 Mil
Material Composition: Virgin LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene)
Country of Origin: United States of America

NOTE: Product specific data sheets may be downloaded from the product detail page in the online store.

Everyone recognizes the amber medication bottles that hold prescriptions. It’s become an industry standard since it was discovered that amber protects medication from UV light degradation. In 1965, a pharmacy owner founded Medipak when he innovated the amber UVLI® bag after noticing medication was protected in bulk until dispensed in unit-dose. Creating a cost-effective disposable amber bag became the solution.
UVLI® covers and bags are extremely cost-effective for supporting the delivery of often very expensive medications. Not only are they easy on the budget but they create an additional profit opportunity for medical billing.
Medipak’s UVLI® covers are an easy and effective way to block over 90% of harmful ultraviolet light from light-sensitive medications. UVLI® Amber and UVLI® Green covers have the added benefit of being semi-transparent so you can easily read labels and levels without the need for lifting the cover.

There are about one thousand drugs, with more added yearly, that are light-sensitive. For the most recent comprehensive list of light-sensitive drugs, visit the US National Library of Medicine’s Light-Sensitive Drugs website.

Medipak ships worldwide in support of hospital operations and clinical drug trials. Order products through one of our distributors or refer to our helpful shipping policies page for guidance on UVLI® product shipments.

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